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dave1.gif (13951 bytes)Climbed aboard a C-130, flying so far away. By the time we're unloading, it will be the next day.
Got a job for my country, Saddam's invasion to foil. Protecting all the Kuwaitis and the free flow of oil.
They tell us dangerous days are ahead, there will be weapons used that we'll never see,
And so for my own protection they're gonna give me pills and then inoculate me.
I'm here to follow my orders, and stop this madman Hussein. They tell me he'll use germ warfare,
     And anyone who would must be completely insane!
While the flyboys run sorties I'm putting on protective clothing from head to toe.
My Uncle Sam will protect me because we stand for truth and honor that's what I know!
A celebration of victory! Congratulations by phone! Returning home on a transport and yellow ribbons are SHOWN!
People say I'm a hero! People shaking my hands! My family throws me a party! Balloons and rock and roll bands! Yeah!
But nowadays I feel tired, and at night I perspire. I've always got this damned headache,
     My eyes feel like they are always on fire!
I've got this rash on my body and I notice that it's growing bigger each day!
I'm always sick to my stomach! There's no satisfaction living day to day!
My wife said we'd have a baby and when I found out I smiled! The happiest time in my life, to find I'd father a child!
I'm decorating the nursery, I feel like tooting my home! And on the blessed morning, my little boy was STILLBORN! (no, no, No!)
They say it's psychosomatic. They say it's all in my head. I tried to contact my buddies. Several of them are dead!
I looked for help from the V.A. I got the big run around.
I'm always looking for answers but only question after question is found!
George Bush, Jim Baker, Brent Scocroft where do you fit in this scene? You claim you're "out of the loop"
     But I have got suspicions that your hands are not clean!
Now General Shwartzkoff gives lectures and Colin Powell signs his book!
If there's a chance you were paid off  I wonder how much it took!
Tuned in a radio broadcast and Captain Riley was there. Reports from Senator Riegle showed me there's people that care.
I thank the Nicholson doctors for helping show us a way. There's guys on doxycycline getting treatment each day!
Overseas it's the front page. British Regimental troops arc dropping like flies! And the American networks are ignoring international cries!
I don't know where this is going! I don't know where this will end! But now I'm on medication,
     My strength's returning and again I'll defend!
Apparent forces at work FROM WITHIN! We'll expose them one by one name by name!
With the hell that we've been through if there is any justice they will suffer the same!
Don't turn your back on your veterans ! We're only seeking what is honest and fair!
Where are all those yellow ribbons? I wonder WHERE ARE ALL THOSE "VOICES THAT CARE ?"

words and music by Dave Riddell
commonlaw copyright 1995

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