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A website by the name of "VitalSource" which promotes itself as a "starting point" for journalists to begin their research, had this to say about the AGWVA, "...mind you, they also insist that the that the motive behind operation "Desert Storm" was to retrieve alien artifacts buried in the Iraqi desert." This statement is obviously a complete fabrication. Neither Joyce Riley vonKleist or Dave vonKleist have ever made any statement that even remotely infers or suggests such a concept. When we contacted Howard Fienburg of STATS Inc. (the parent website) and questioned the source of this information, his assistant could not or would not provide it. They further stated, "According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the vonKleists are members of the Patriot militia." In this case, the source is provided but again, the statement is not true. Neither Joyce or Dave are part of a "patriot militia" nor have we ever been. The simple fact that these statements were published on a website that claims to be a source for newspersons indicates clearly that the agenda is to promote propaganda rather than honest journalism. (By the way, when we printed out the page from the vitalsource website, the "print" window said, "...contacting".) To date, Vitalsource has refused to print a retraction or an apology. This one example brings into question the credibility of not just Vitalsource, but also the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as CNN.

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