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Additional update on VA Gulf War/Environmental programs


The Gulf War registry will continue and include the veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Verification of service in the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War era (August 2, 1990 - no ending date established by law) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (starting March 3, 2003- ) will be required.


Please keep these links handy for reference regarding Gulf War/Environmental Programs:



The Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards is part of the headquarters of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The focus of the office is to improve the health of veterans through professionally developed policies for the VA medical system relating to surveillance, prevention and treatment, energetic outreach, and special attention to the unique healthcare needs of special populations, including women veterans, veterans with hepatitis C or HIV/AIDS, and veterans exposed to environmental hazards, as well as to other emerging health issues.. -- This site directs readers to VA Web sites on the Gulf War, Agent Orange, and Ionizing Radiation programs, material for Afghanistan veterans, and information about the VA War-Related Illnesses and Injury Study Centers (WRIISCs), previously known as the Centers for the Study of War-Related Illnesses. -- This site deals with the health problems and concerns of Gulf War veterans and their families. It includes the VA Gulf War Veterans Information helpline number 1-800-PGW-VETS, lists VA Gulf War-related articles, reviews and publications, including a Gulf War Research Report to Veterans, a Questions-and-Answers brochure, journal article summaries, VA’s Gulf War manual, a Gulf War fact sheet, also the Gulf War Risk Factor Report Reprints. There are links to the Gulf War Review newsletters, demonstration projects, an online independent study course for health professionals, and other information and material. -- This site provides readers with information about herbicides used in Vietnam. It starts with an Agent Orange overview, an Agent Orange General Information brochure, and a fact sheet on veterans benefits for those exposed to Agent Orange. There are links to the Agent Orange Review newsletters, Agent Orange Brief fact sheet series, news releases, VA disability compensation (including information about online filing), an online independent study course for health professionals, and more. -- Health care professionals may wish to complete this self-study independent study guide on the effects of cold injury. -- The site includes the VA Ionizing Radiation handbook and a radiation fact sheet. -- This site provides information about Project 112 (including Project SHAD). Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense was a series of tests conducted by the Department of Defense (DoD) during the 1960s to determine the effectiveness of shipboard detection of chemical and biological warfare agents, the protective measures against these agents, and the potential risk to U.S. forces posed by the agents. Project 112 involved similar tests conducted on land. The site includes information letters, a Questions-and-Answers document, several DoD fact sheets, plus information about filing a claim, including doing so online. -- The Public Health Strategic Health Care Group includes the Center for HIV Research Resources, Center for Quality Management in Public Health, Hepatitis C Resource Centers, HIV/Hepatitis C Program Office, and the HIV Hepatitis C Prevention, HIV/Hepatitis C Training/Education and Smoke Free programs. This site includes VA directives and information letters, AIDS information, , smoking and tobacco use cessation program information, conferences/continuing education information, and much more. -- The Web site of the VA’s National Hepatitis C Program provides comprehensive information for both patients and health professionals on this common viral infection of the liver. -- SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is a serious illness characterized by fever and other flu-like symptoms that progresses rapidly to pneumonia and other problems. VA is greatly concerned about reports of the spread of SARS, from Asia to other parts of the world. The VA SARS Web site is designed to help VA staff and patients, and others concerned with veterans’ health, to be better informed about the disease. -- The Emergency Management Strategic Healthcare Group site provides information about its organization, missions, accomplishments, and current activities relating to disaster response and recovery operations. It includes a EMSHG directory, newsletter, annual report, and more.

For additional information, contact the Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards, Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20420, at 202-273-8575. The fax numbers are 202-273-9080, 9079, or 9078.

April 2003



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