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UN "Swat Team" now in place

The United Nations already has a Standby High Readiness Brigade of 6,000 men, a "swat team," if you will, to throw into any operation they choose. Look around this site and you will find that it is the first of several units to be supplied by countries or regions through "agreements" that are not treaties, hence avoiding the U.S. Senate's required 2/3 approval.

If you look at Rep. McGovern's new bill, requesting a standing unit of 6,000 men to be provided to the UN, you will be looking at the American version of this Scandinavian brigade. H.R. 4453.

The One World Army now exists.

See Kofi Annan inaugurating the plan, and read their own description of the details at this site:

Now the task is to make this army grow until it cannot be resisted, all according to plan, as set forth in State Dept. Document 7277, 1961. It can hardly be called a conspiracy -- it's all there in black and white for the world to read. But it certainly is a plan to eliminate national sovereignty.

Should 4453 pass, the best bill, that has a chance to pass, that would resist the globalization of our military is H.R. 4669, the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000, which would make it clear that NO AMERICAN may be forced to serve in foreign uniform or under foreign officers against their will. Ask your congressman to become a co-sponsor today!

Daniel New

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