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A Matter of Trust

The widely publicized debate over the anthrax vaccine and the policy of the government having the authority to order this or any other foreign substance to be forced upon ANY individual comes down to one vital yet simple question of integrity. Do we trust the government or any public health authority to decide what is best for us? Because trust is to be earned rather than commanded, let us take a look at the track record.

The question is not just whether or not the government has the right to force a vaccine on someone, but rather what is in the vaccine being administered? Is the vaccine/drug really what they say it is? Can they be trusted? If we allow ourselves to be herded like so many sheep, and submit to any governmental or organizational mandate or decree that is contrary to our personal belief or better judgement, do we not turn our backs on our heritage and negate our fundamental rights as Americans?...In the land of the FREE?...and home of the BRAVE? Where do we draw our personal line in the sand?

This essay is not written to accuse or attack, but to raise legitimate questions and to provide information to those who wish to make an informed decision as to whether or not to receive any vaccine or drug that the government deems mandatory or beneficial.

The choice is yours.

Joyce Riley vonKleist and Dave vonKleist

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