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St. Louis Review/March 5, 1999

SLU Seeks tots for trial vaccine

Volunteers are being sought to test an investigational vaccine that may prevent infections that cause croup and pneumonia in young children.

The Center for Vaccine Development at St. Louis University School of Medicine is currently seeking children to participate in the trial of the new vaccine, which is in the form of a nose drop.

The purpose of the research study is to determine the safety and effectiveness of parainfluenza type 3 vaccine.

Human parainfluenza viruses can cause serious respiratory tract diseases in infants and young children. It can cause an illness with fever, runny nose, sore throat and cough which lasts a few days. Volunteers need to be children in excellent health between the ages of 6-18 months. Volunteers will be compensated for their time and travel. For more information, call the Center for Vaccine Development at 577-8649.

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