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Thank you for all that responded to the Art Bell Show re: Vietnam-era veterans with lost medical records. Sorry there was no phone number during the show. You can write Dana Hughes, P.O. box 396, Republic, WA. 99166. We will need info in writing. To find out what is required, you can call the Vietnam Veterans Wives office at: 509-486-2651. This is Pacific Standard Time. Remember, we are doing this as a service and must have other jobs to support what we are doing. Anyone interested in providing services, materials or donations can send them to that address c/o Vietnam veterans wives, Operation Braveheart. Thank you and hopefully we can bring "big" pressure to bear on the D.O.D. by the American Citizens. For God and Country, Joyce Riley


In response to the Art Bell show, many GW vets are coming forth to say there are missing GW records from DOD and VA. If you are one of those, Please help us put together a list of you stating the following, 1. unit, dates of service, MOS or AFSC., injuries or illness and experience with the DOD and VA. 2. Please get all names of those you have contact with and dates of treatment. It will be important to correlate which records are missing according to illnesses presented. Take a video camera or pocket cassette whenever you deal with VA or DOD. What they are doing by destroying and sanitizing medical records is "spoilage of records" a federal offense. For GW missing records, contact AGWVA, PO Box 85, Versailles, MO 65084. For God and Country, Joyce Riley


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