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Vietnam & Gulf War
"Awareness Quilt Project"

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On Memorial Day, 1998, a group called Vietnam Veterans Wives laid out a beautiful Quilt near the Reflecting Pool, near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C. This Quilt raises the publics' awareness of Vietnam and Gulf War veterans' health problems. These folks need more "Blocks" so that they can "cover both sides of the Reflecting Pool next year." I for one would like to see it next year.

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Copy of aware1.jpg (21049 bytes) Blocks need to be 20" square (Orange Material for Vietnam and Brown Material for Gulf War) Anything can be put on the blocks. Some are putting crosses, praying hands, flags, veterans' name & where he served, medals, hearts, airplanes, etc. and can be hand sewn or machine done.

Send blocks to:
Shelia Winsett, 810 20th Ave., East, Jasper, AL 35501
Phone (205) 221-5658 after 7PM central.

We need everyone to join in and help - People will stop and look at quilts.
Please help us out.

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Please Contact:

P.O. Box 396
Republic, Washington 99166
Shelia Winsett
Alabama's Representative
810 20th Ave. East
Jasper, Alabama 35501
Phone (205) 221-5658 after 7PM central.
VVW Office



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