Joyce Riley
Capt. USAF inactive reserve
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Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf's testimony contradicts existing evidence!

According to Sen. Donald Riegle's report of May 25, 1994, (S.R.103-900) the following has been documented and was known by all sitting Senators in 1994:
. Biological and Chemical weapons were used during the Gulf War.
Many troops exposed to these weapons and are now sick and dying.
75% of the troops interviewed by the committee have passed symptoms to at least one other family member.
The communicability of these illnesses represent a threat to the general population.

In his recent testimony before the Senate Panel conducting its investigation into the Gulf War Illness (Jan.29, 1997), General Norman Schwarzkopf's remarks were in complete contradiction to the documentation that has been compiled in the last several years. The Senate Reports, the available pages of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical log book and the testimony of his own troops refute his comments and indicate that he was less than forthcoming with his information.

Senator John D. Rockefeller (D-WV) recently indicated that "This is a cover-up of major proportions".

According to the L.A. times (March 9, 1997), "Doctors, nurses, laboratory researchers, as well as others who come in casual contact with Gulf War veterans, say they've contracted the same symptoms- fatigue, fever, aches, rashes and respiratory problems that are generally associated with "Gulf War Syndrome".
While the Pentagon, Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration continue to deny its existence, the Gulf War Illness continues to spread into the general population!

The documentation and evidence is undeniable, irrefutable and overwhelming! The lives at stake are not just those of our veterans, but of all Americans as well! Those involved in suppressing this information have yet to realize that they and their families are at risk as well.


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