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December 22, 1997
Contact:  Joyce Riley, R.N., B.S.N~
Capt. USAF inactive reserve

JAMA, Senate Report 103-97 and Lt. General Ronald BIanck U.S. Army, say: "ANTHRAX INOCULATIONS UNPROVEN."

HOUSTON, TEXAS-This week, the Department of Defense released information that 2.4 million of our military would be vaccinated with six Anthrax shots spanning over 18 months at a cost of $130 million dollars.

Gulf War veterans are outraged knowing that these immunizations have not been proven effective against the use of aerosolized anthrax. Senate Report 103-97, page 15, December 8, 1994: "Unfortunately, when anthrax is used as a biological weapon, it is likely to be aerosolized and thus inhaled. Therefore, the efficacy of the vaccine against biological warfare is unknown" Furthermore, Lt. General Ronald Blanck (page 35) stated: "Anthrax vaccine should continue to be considered as a potential cause for undiagnosed illnesses in Persian Gulf personnel..."

Even more surprising, the August 6th, 1997 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol 278. No 5, page 402) in reference to the use of vaccine states: "There are insufficient data regarding efficacy against inhalational anthrax in humans..."

The credibility of the Department of Defense, the Pentagon and the Veterans Administration have recently been attacked and the recommendation for an independent investigation into Gulf War Illness has been made. At a time when the escalation of hostilities toward Iraq is apparent, America needs a strong and healthy military. It is clear that the recent decision to immunize our defense forces with a vaccine that is at best questionable and possibly hazardous, represents a threat to our national security and must be immediately re-examined. Senate Report 103-97 stated: "43% of our troops experienced  side effects from the vaccinations during the Gulf War."

Joyce Riley, RN, BSN, a flight nurse who served in support of Operation Desert Storm is encouraging veterans to explore the waiver option of the military until the safety and efficacy of the vaccine are proven.

Gulf War veterans and their families are dying, many of the families are now sick with the same symptoms. We must proceed with extreme caution with respect to the health and safety of our military. if General Blanck's statements are true-we may, in fact, be rendering our own military ineffective,

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