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002.gif (805 bytes) UK ex-servicemen given compensation after they were given LSD without  their consent in the 1950s The men volunteered to be "guinea pigs" at the government research base Porton Down after being told scientists wanted to find a cure for the common cold. But they were given the hallucinogen in mind control tests, and some volunteers had terrifying hallucinations.
(Feb. 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Projects Manhattan and Badger Gov documents now declassified
It's Alive: Army Backtracks on Spray 6 Nov, 2000 Lake Sun Leader, by Marsha Paxson
Lake Residents Back Move to Stop Bio Training 2 Nov, 2000 Lake Sun Leader, by Marsha Paxson
Petitioners Sign to Halt Use of Bio Agents 29 Oct,2000 Lake Sun Leader, by Marsha Paxson
A petition to the Governor of the State of Missouri Please Sign and Return the petition
Versailles residents claim Army Deceit 27 Oct, 2000 By Robert Fleming, Daily Guide
Army disputes woman's claim of danger from bacillus subtilis 27 Oct, 2000 By CHRISTINA STUEVE News Tribune
Fort Wood tests raise concerns 26 Oct, 2000 by Bertha Evans The Versailles Leader-Statesman
Release of bacteria into air at Army fort upsets neighbors 26 Oct, 2000By MICHAEL MANSUR The Kansas City Star
Army defends spraying of safe bacteria at Fort Leonard Wood 26 Oct, 2000 By Virginia Baldwin Gilbert Of the Post-Dispatch
Bio-agent Scare Spreads to Missouri Stars and Stripes Veterans Affairs Editor
Fear in Louisiana over Biological Agent Test Stars and Stripes Veterans Affairs Editor
News Release, 19 Oct. 2000 From the AGWVA
Fort Polk: Biological training won't endanger public 4 Oct.  2000 Alexandria Daily Town Talk By Mandy Maxwell
Official: Fort Polk biological training poses no threat 3 Oct. 2000 American Press By Shawn Martin
News Release, 28 Sept. 2000 From the AGWVA
News Release, 27 Sept. 2000 From the AGWVA
Air Force Aerial Spray A Unique DoD Capability Provided Only by The Air Force Reserve
Response from JRTC and Fort Polk 13 Sep 2000 Dan Nance Deputy Public Affairs Officer
Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI) 6 Sept. 2000 Beauregard Daily News, DeRidder, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana.
ACHRE Report The National Institutes of Health and The Veterans Administration. Very interesting reading.
Title 50 USC Section 1520a Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents
Letter voicing objection to the planned release of aerosolized Bacillus globigii spores at Los Alamos National Laboratory. by Candice Brown, Mycoplasma Network
History of Biological Warfare Interesting chronological history
KSU research may delve into deadly agents 26 Feb 99 article from the AP
40 Years of Gov. Sponsored Ecological Terrorism Oct 98 Article By Joyce in The Free American
Installation Assessment of Gerstle River Test Site Report Number 105 vol 1
Senate Report 103-97 Is Research Hazardous to Veterans

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