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April/May 2000 Update

Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000

    At long last, we are pleased to announce that we have legislation prepared to introduce before the U.S. Congress.
    We built the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000 on the 1996 bill, H.R. 2540, introduced by Tom DeLay, which passed in the House by an overwhelming margin, but died in the Senate. The problem with that bill was that it only addressed the problem of forcing Americans to wear a United Nations uniform. Had it passed, it would have done little to slow down the headlong rush to internationalization. The president could just send Americans on UN deployments with US uniforms. It was purely symbolic, as uniforms tend to be.
    For that reason, our new bill, still looking for a sponsor, goes further and after protecting soldiers from being required to wear the uniform of any other nation, states that they may not be forced to serve under foreign officers, (except in times of war, as declared by Congress, in accordance with the Constitution).
    If you feel this bill is too weak, please don’t load us down with letters to that effect, we’re already swamped. We KNOW it doesn’t go far enough – but Dr. Ron Paul’s bill to get us out of the UN is presently not passable. This one is. An important distinction. Instead, load your Congressmen with letters demanding that they co-sponsor!
    We’ll send you a copy on request, but it’s four pages long and most of is formatting. The two pertinent sections are powerful in their protection of Americans from the involuntary servitude of United Nations military service.

Canadian second-in-command of Fort Hood, Texas!

    According to a New York Times article by Steven Lee Meyers, Major-General Rick J. Hillier has all the privileges of rank and command except one. He does not issue written orders. He issues verbal orders, and others write them. He is serving as the Deputy Commander at Fort Hood, Texas, in the direct chain of command over 57,000 American soldiers in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Corps. And he’s been there for nearly two years.
    To date we have been unable to discover the legal basis for a Canadian serving over American soldiers. But we most definitely want to know. And so should you. Will you please ask your Congressman to tell you why & how did this unconstitutional chain of command come to be? And if you get an intelligent answer, will you let us know?

We don’t intend to disparage Major General Hillier in any way. He may be the "very model of a modern major-general," but he is still a Canadian. We must prevent this slide toward the Internationalization of the American military, and this precedent must not be allowed to stand!


Rolling Thunder XIII
Ride for Freedom

Washington, D.C., Memorial Day 2000

Join over 250,000 motorcycles, and over 400,000 patriotic veterans. Hear exciting speakers, like Daniel New and Captain Joyce Riley vonKleist, plus a few Senators, politicians, and the like.

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ACTION ITEM: Please write to your congressman and two senators TODAY. Tell them you are not interested in the Pentagon’s version of Michael New’s legal status – what interests you is what they are doing to make sure that YOUR children and grandchildren are not going to be FORCED into military service under the United Nations. Ask them to indicate to you, NOW, if they will co-sponsor the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000.

If they reply with any kind of positive letter or agreement to sponsor such legislation, please send us a copy of that letter, because we are going to be giving them a chance to do just that!

Please make cheques payable to the Michael New Action Fund. Visit our website - look at the new feature – the Red, White and Blue Battalion for veterans, and the Home Guard section for civilians. Now anyone can place their name on the list of those showing solidarity with Michael’s actions. (We caution active-duty personnel about joining – it may have repercussions to your career.) Please share with a veteran.

Real Americans don’t wear U.N. blue!
(Please copy this update and pass it on to a concerned American.)


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