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The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) was established with one goal in mind: To obtain treatment for those service members and their families who experience symptoms collectively known as the "Gulf War Illness". However, there is more to this issue than meets the eye. As this investigation into causation has now progressed into the arena of possible exposure to chemical and/or biological agents, radiation poisoning due to the use of depleted uranium and most disturbingly, the use of our fighting men and women as "Guinea Pigs" in medical experimentation, the AGWVA has now added a second goal: To obtain justice and compensation for all those affected by these illnesses. Our troops returned home after serving their country with an illness that appears to be spreading into the general population, treatment is being denied and to date there are no safeguards of our blood supply. Those responsible have passed the burden of proof onto those that are suffering and least able to fight the enormous bureaucracy of governmental agencies that are more concerned with avoiding admission.
America wants to know why.

For over three years the AGWVA has been embarking on this search for the truth and the documentation that we have compiled is voluminous. The Pentagon, DOD, Veterans Administration, Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Congressional Investigation into Gulf War Illness, the Presidential Advisory Committee and the Government Accounting Office have collectively spent over $100,000,000 "researching" the Gulf War Illness. Little if any of that funding has been used for the real treatment of the 700,000 troops that served in the conflict, over 100,000 have signed on with the Persian Gulf registry. 90% of those that contact the AGWVA report they are offered Prozac or some other psychotropic drug by DoD facilities. The numbers alone demonstrate that the gulfwar illness has spread into epidemic proportions. Meanwhile, government bureaucracy, public officials and military leaders have continually turned their backs on their own country's defenders.
America deserves to know why.

The mainstream media has also turned its back on the veterans and have shirked their responsibility to the American people to be the watchdog of government. With the exception of talk radio, local television coverage and hometown newspapers, the networks and news services have done nothing more than parrot "official reports" offered to them by the very agencies that require investigation. Evidence from senate reports, congressional hearings, government documents and testimony from eyewitnesses have been ignored and gone unreported. America demands to know why.

Justice can only be obtained in the court of public opinion, and until the public knows the truth, there can be no justice. Truth and justice are the American way and the AGWVA is dedicated to finding the truth, educating the public and obtaining justice for the sake of all Americans. There can be a million lies, but there is only ONE truth and in the battle for truth, the lie is always the casualty. If professional careers are destroyed, if personal fortunes are decimated, or if prominent individuals are found guilty of criminal charges, let it be seen as nothing more than a side effect from the administration of a healthy dose of truth. We ask for your support and involvement in this effort to expose the truth because we believe that America is worth it.
We hope you do too. We will not stop.

For God and country,

Joyce Riley

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