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"My Safe Lifeline"

I must always look to Thee,
when in any troubled sea.
Thou wilt listen; hear my cry,
as the waves go rushing by.
though the riptide pulls me down,
Thou wilt never let me drown.
Thou wilt take my hand in Thine,
and shalt be my safe "Lifeline".
When the hurricane was near,
souls were weak and wreaked with fear.
Thou wert standing by my side,
'till the waters didst subside.
Through the fire - in the rain,
with the laughter - through the pain,
Thou hast never let me fall,
for Thou art my All-in-All!
Thou Art good; it's plain to see.
Thou hast loved the soul of me,
when I wast both rich and poor,
in both times of peace and war.
To my Lifeline, I wilt hold,
through the heat, or icy cold.
Thou wilt guide me - hold my hand,
whether on the sea, or land.
When this vale of tears is past,
then, I shalt be home, at last!
Past the clouds and stars, above,
I'll meet "Father's" eyes of love.
- Love, beyond my deepest dreams,
silver portals - golden beams,
rays of Sonlight from Thy face,
oh what love, what awesome grace!
I shalt know, as I am known,
- n'er again to be alone.
In this life, we shalt face loss.
Just keep clinging to the cross!

(c) 1998 by Tamara J. Lohman

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