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"Liberty - Our Sovereignty"

I cried a tear for "Liberty,"
- a word that means so much to me.
One day, I met a China-girl.
She had dark hair, without a curl.
Her puzzled face gripped hold of me,
as she asked, "What is Liberty?"
and then, I met a Russian lad,
his stone face looked so iron-clad.
He said, "There is no Liberty,
just look at me, and you shall see!"
A Jewish girl, from times gone by,
for hopes of Liberty, didst cry.
And then, I saw a Natzi's vamp,
kick her into a prison camp.
So next, I looked to Kosovo:
Did they have Liberty? - Oh, no!
Then, where could "Liberty" be found?
Could she stand fighting on the ground?
And then, the answer came to me:
At times, she must, to keep her free!
For when "the people" lose their way,
to keep an enemy at bay,
then, Liberty is obsolete,
- replaced by Communism's feet.
They'd like to trample "Liberty,"
so we must fight for Sovereignty!

1999 By Tamara J. Lohman

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