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"The New World Police-Force"

One cold night I awakened,
by the breaking of my door.
The "POLICE" wore dark-black helmets,
and they shot, and screamed, and swore!
I asked them for a warrant,
and the reason they "broke in".
But that just made them angry,
so they slapped me in the chin.
They slammed me to the hard floor,
and they threw my children too!
I begged and pleaded with them,
but I didn't know what to do.
They laughed, "We don't need warrants;
you don't have rights anymore!"
That statement made me shudder!
Things were different than before!
But this was a free country!
Wasn't this the U.S.A.?
What had happened overnight?
Did they take our rights away?
Then, I cried out with a shriek,
"Things are not the way they seem!"
I awakened soon enough,
so that it was just a dream.
Wake-up and smell the coffee;
- take a stand to remain free!
For it will soon be too late;
- this will be reality!

(c) 1997 by Tamara J. Lohman

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