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"Where Have All The Fathers Gone?"

Where have all the fathers gone,
- strong men who had a vision?
- the fathers who protected,
and made the right decision?

Where have our "Forefathers" gone?
Is freedom fading also?
Where are the men, who'll stand up,
and will fight against a foe?

We need men to be "fathers,"
- to protect our liberty,
and men with moral standards,
who will keep our country free!

Where are the loving fathers,
who'll take care of all the frail,
- the ones who will take action,
and are not afraid to fail?

We need courageous "fathers,"
in our country, once again,
who'll lead us, and defend us.
Who'll be "fathers" and brave men?

(c) 2000 by Tamara Lohman

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