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"Liberty's Men"

"Land of the free, home of the brave," where are your brave men now?
Men used to fight for liberty, but now, they don't know how.
While all your men were fast asleep, the Communists crept in.
When men won't stand for what is right, don't they know - it's a sin?
We have so much to gain - or lose, for our posterity.
So, gird your armor - take a stand, so that they will be free!
If we do not each take a stand, for what we know is right,
then, who else in the world will care, and who, on earth, will fight?
We took an oath, we must not fail, and we shall never quit!
We'll go to battle - if need be, for freedom's lamp is lit.
We've naught to fear - we'll steadfast march, until this battle's done.
We'll trudge through snow, and stomp out fire, until, at last, we've won!

2000 by Tamara Lohman

* (Permission to use this poem, for well-intentioned purposes is
granted to all of those who love freedom from tyranny.)

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