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"Re-claim America - for love of God and man"

"America the Beautiful," what happened to these words?
Environmental Acts that passed, gave our land to the birds.
America, America, what's happened to our name?
Our military wears "U.N.". Is sovereignty the same?
Where does the Constitution fit? We've become Socialists!
And like the Communists have said, "We'll smash you with our fists!"
We've given Gorbachev some land - our Presidio fair.
We're taking orders from this man. Does anyone still care?
America, America, we want to remain free!
But we must stop this traitor's game, from sea to shining sea!
God shed His grace upon this land. Our "fathers" knew Him well.
They shed their blood for liberty, and then rang freedom's bell.
But long since, we have thrown out God, and also thrown out prayer.
And many babies are not born; their right-to-life is rare!
They've tried to take our rights away - they take them one-by-one.
What's happened to our Bill of Rights? They want to take your gun.
They say that we have "free speech" here - our media's controlled,
by the "New World Order's" rich men - for mammon, we've been sold.
They speak of peace, but dream of war. They'll take you for a slave.
Your children will be born in chains, if you will not be brave!
So, rise on up, and take a stand - for God, and to be free.
But do it now, and do not wait, or captive you may be.
The "New World Order" has a scheme - to divide and conquer!
But we can see beyond the smoke, and many hearts, we'll stir!
For God, and your posterity - a Minuteman you are!
So, hand-in-hand, in one-accord, together we'll get far!
We have our God upon our side, and we too have a plan.
We'll take our Constitution back - for love of God and man!
We must be free to worship God, or else we are not free!
If you love God, you'll fight for Him - instead of tyranny!
America, America, how long will you remain?
We will not have a tyrant here! May God forever reign!

1997 by Tamara J. Lohman

* Note: (Permission is granted to freedom-loving Americans
to use this poem for well-intentioned purposes.)

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