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I hear the U.N. Soldiers way across the great big sea.
I hear the armies marching, but I see no liberty.
I've heard that they "keep the peace," but I mostly just see wars.
It seems they’re forcing "the peace" when they kick down people's doors.
I don't know what to think now; something's very strange, I fear.
The songs of peaceful union have become very unclear.
The Sovereignty of nations does not seem to be quite right.
For the tranquil songs of peace have become blasts in the night.
I hear the military; they're a couple towns away.
I found out it's the U.N., and I think they're here to stay.
I told some "friends" about it, but they did not seem to care.
They saw the U.N. humvees, and their bombers in the air.
They just said, "Peace and Safety," then I heard the soldiers tramp.
They marched up to my friend's door, and they took them to a camp.
They thought that we were all "friends," We the people . . . of the Earth,
so brainwashed, they could not see, the "New World" had given birth.
So, in despair, yet, too late, they found out the hardest way.
They'd lost all hope of freedom; what a price they had to pay!
Why didn't they listen sooner? What had made them close their eyes?
If they could go back, they'd see, that their heads were filled with lies.
Let us wake and stay alert, for they're waiting to deceive,
Keep on guard, and look around; find the Truth, and then believe!
Don't let this happen to us; shine your light, and lead the way!
Be bold and strong, yet, humble; as a soldier, watch, and pray!

1997 by Tamara J. Lohman

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