List of Materials From The A.G.W.V.A.


GULF WAR ILLNESS-FACT OR FICTION? (55 mins.) and GULF WAR SYNDROME-"The Little Victims!"(40 mins.) This video is the most powerful produced by the AGWVA. Fully documented, it contains the never before released footage from inside Khamisiyah that proves that chemical and biological weapons were present, troops were at risk and Gen.’s Schwarzkopf and Powell lied to the Senate when they testified! "The Little Victims" video was produced by an Italian news organization and shows the horrific effects of the Gulf War Illness on the children of the U.S. Persian Gulf vets. Both of these videos are a MUST and are now on one VHS tape! ($25.00+$4.00 S&H)


SCHWARZKOPF TESTIFIES! This explosive package contains a 1-hour cassette and an 87-page booklet of 100% documentation! (Includes the entire text of Senate Report 103-97, which states that the Anthrax vaccine is not safe and should be considered a possible cause of GW Illness!) It is an analysis of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf’s testimony given to the Senate panel on Jan. 29, 1997. You’ll hear Gen. Schwarzkopf’s own words as well as the words of his bodyguard and the NCO who was in the bunkers at Khamisiyah stating that Schwarzkopf was not telling the truth! ($15.00+$3.50 S&H)

VOICES OF THE VETS (1 hour cassette) This is an excellent overview of the Gulf War Illness as five veterans give their powerful statements about what it’s like to live with this disease. Hear from the veterans themselves! ($10.00+$3.50 S&H)

"WILL SOMEONE LISTEN?" The music of Dave "Riddell" vonKleist pulls no punches and makes no apologies. Contains the song "Where are the Voices that Care?" (Dedicated to the Gulf War veterans), "A patch of Green in a Sea of Blue" (tells the story of Michael New) and many more motivational patriotic songs! ($15.00 for CD, $11.00 for cassette + $3.50 S&H)


THE COMPLETE RIEGLE REPORTS (S.R. 103-900) The Senate Banking Committee Hearings and the subsequent reports of 1994. This document is 551 pages of evidence that proves that the U.S. government has had prior knowledge that the Gulf War Illness was real and contagious! ($40.00 +$6.00 S&H)

BIOLOGICAL TESTING INVOLVING HUMAN SUBJECTS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, 1977. This 296 page Senate Report documents over 30 years of experiments conducted by the Department of Defense on the American people without their knowledge or consent. This shocking report reveals the numerous tests of biological weapons in places like New York, where biologicals were released in the subway system, Pennsylvania, where tunnels were filled with live organisms. ($30.00 +$5.50 S&H)

PERSIAN GULF WAR ILLNESSES: ARE WE TREATING VETERANS RIGHT? (S.R.103-647) This Senate Report contains evidence that the government knew of antibiotic treatment that was effective for biological warfare exposure in November 1993! It contains testimony of medical and military experts. Most significant is that Sen. Reigle states they were aware of the violent tendencies of the GW vets. ($25.00+$5.00 S&H).

ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS AND EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE. Originally classified, this report by Admiral E.R. Zumwalt revealed so much about Agent Orange and it's toxic effects, it was not to be published or released to the public. ($15.00=$4.00 S&H)

THE INTERIM REPORT This Staff report to Sen. Riegle dated Sept. 9, 1993, documents the government had prior knowledge of chemical and biological exposures to our troops in the gulf. Color maps illustrate the areas of chemical exposure. It describes missile attacks and the subsequent "Incidence of Gulf War Illnesses " suffered by certain units. (77.3% of one unit was affected!) ($15.00+$3.50 S&H)

PROJECT MKULTRA, THE CIA’S PROGRAM OF RESEARCH IN BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION . This shocking Senate Report describes and explains the utilization of techniques and mind altering drugs (LSD & others) on unwitting subjects to develop a method of mind control! ($25.00+$5.00 S&H)

HUMAN DRUG TESTING BY THE CIA, 1977 More evidence of the governments involvement in human experimentation for the purpose of learning how to control people and their actions! Traces the development of many drugs including the "date rape" drug! ($25.00+$5.00 S&H)

FOREIGN AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE (S.R. 94-755) (BOOK I) Traces the history and development of the CIA and its covert operations. NSA, Dept. of the State, DoD and DIA and CIA connections are examined. The development of chemical and biologicals for clandestine operations are discussed as well as the techniques used for intelligence gathering. (1976, 396 pages, $35.00 plus $5.00 S&H.)

INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS (S.R. 94-755) (BOOK II) There is no question the U.S. government targets Americans, this is the cookbook of how the government, CIA and FBI conducts harassment on its civilians. Contained herein is the admission that U.S. government covert operators conduct violence and illegal acts to protect their identity. (1976, 651 pages, $40.00plus $5.00 S&H)

SUPPLEMENTARY DETAILED STAFF REPORTS ON INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS (S.R. 94-755) (BOOK III)The FBI's covert action plans against Americans and the goals of COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program): Preventing or disrupting the exercise of First Amendment Rights! This 996 page blockbuster report will stun any freedom loving American! Page 87 lists the occupations of citizens that will be "picked up and detained during national emergency." ($60.00+$5.00 S&H)

A REVOLUTION IN MILITARY AFFAIRS AND CONFLICT SHORT OF WAR. Published by the U.S. Army War College in 1994, this revealing 56 page booklet sets a "scenario" for the takeover of a country by utilizing available technologies prior to conflict. Biochips to identify civilians, sedation of the food supply to suppress resistance, total control of the media for "perception management", mind control and the topic of elimination of certain ethnic groups are only a few of the topics discussed in this chilling view of the future. ($15.00+$3.50S&H)


VACCINES: ARE THEY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE? By Neil Z. Miller. This book examines the safety of the immunizations being given to our children. The increase of many childhood diseases he believes is statistically related to vaccines. Every parent should read this book before having their child inoculated! ($7.95+$3.00 S&H)

PROZAC; PANACEA OR PANDORA? Dr. Ann Blake Tracy explores the effects and hazards of the drugs Prozac and Zoloft. This well documented book traces the development and manufacture of this most controversial treatment. A MUST read for those that are taking these medications or know someone who is! ($15.95+$5.00 S&H)

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