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With Veteran support organizations like this, it's no wonder our Veterans are not getting the care they need. Even after the government finally admitted Agent Orange was a problem, this group still thinks it was a conspiracy theory and laughable. This group is supposed to be representing Veterans, as of right now they are representing one less member.

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TO:    Department Commanders & Department Adjutants
FROM:    Carroll Williams
DATE:    October, 1997
RE:    Post-War Conspiracy Theories

Since the close of the Persian Gulf War, several persons have alleged that the Department of Defense created the AIDS virus as a biological weapon in the late 1970s, and sold this biological weapon to the Iraqis during the Iran-Iraq War. They believe that the Iraqis altered the virus and used it against American troops during the Gulf War. The resultant Gulf War Syndrome is contagious, according to these individua1s, and ultimately fatal. They claim that tens of thousands of Gulf War veterans, and their family members, have died from Gulf War Syndrome, and that thousands more will in the future. Their theories are obviously reckless and not supported by any evidence. Similar theories abound about Agent Orange, the Kennedy assassination and a number of other issues and incidents.

Conspiracy theories surface after many violent events, from Pearl Harbor, to the Kennedy Assassination, and from Agent Orange to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Thc Gulf War is no different. Reckless conspiracy theories are usually interesting, if not laughable but usually harmless.

Fundraising Efforts at American Legion Posts
It has recently come to the VA&R Division's attention that some of these individuals have commenced on a national fundraising tour. Several have visited Veterans Service Organization posts, to include American Legion Posts, in Pennsylvania, Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin and Illinois to name several. They give a presentation on their theories and may offer a set of videotapes for sale.

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For God and Country

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September 1, 2000

 Ms. Joyce Riley
P.O. Box 85
Versailles, MO 65084

Dear Ms. Riley:

As we discussed on your radio program on August 25, I would like to cordially extend An invitation for you to meet with me in Washington, D.C. Although we may have different opinions on the subject of Gulf War veterans’ illnesses, I believe we both have the best interests of our nation’s Gulf War veterans at heart.

I look forward to a future of mutual cooperation between our two organizations. Please feel free to contact me at the address or phone number shown above if there is anything else you would like to discuss.


Steve Smithson
Assistant Director
Persian Gulf Task Force

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