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Lettter From Joyce to Mr. John McManus of the John Birch Society

American Gulf War Veterans Association


February 11, 1997

Mr. John F. McManus
President, John Birch Society
Post Office Box 8040
Appleton, Wisconsin 54913

Fax Transmission: 414-749-3780

Dear Mr. McManus:

For the past three years I have been completely involved in investigating the Gulf War Illnesses and to alert the American people to the truth behind the disease that the Pentagon continually denies.

Having respected the New American I first approached members of the John Birch Society as the organization that might be interested in searching for the truth. As I told you, I approached many within the organization who contacted JBS. I was repeatedly told an off-hand comment that "They question the credibility of your work." Not getting a response from Appleton, I accepted a speaking opportunity in California to meet with five local JBS groups. This was done in hopes that first hand they would see the material is accurate and most importantly, that our military are sick and dying.

I personally attempted to address Mr. Jasper who did not attend as I was told he would by the
local group nor was I able to speak with him by phone. Numerous radio show callers now call
in when I'm on the air and ask why JBS has not focused on the issue. I am honest in telling them
I have not had any interest from JBS. I find this a tragedy as the issue of a strong military is
extremely important to this country as I thought it was to the JBS.

Please understand, Mr. McManus, the research I have done is not "my research" it is the research of government documents and messages which show an obvious intent to mislead the American public. Do I have all the answers, NO---nor does anyone, nor will anyone. The only answer I have is that we have been lied to as to the significance of the disease, it's communicable nature and the possible outcome.

We learned, (Senate doc. 103-900) that in February 1994 Senator Don Riegel knew that troops were not just sick, they were dying. It was communicable, a public health hazard and we sold the biologicals to Iraq. When I talked with you on the phone, I was shocked that you knew none of this information. Again, this is not MY information, it is official documentation.

I commend JBS for championing the efforts of one American hero, Michael New. Is it not supremely important that we address the health effects of 200,000 sick (according to the VFW) Gulf War Veterans and the implication of this on troop strength and national security.

The active U.S. military that understands now what has transpired has looked for assistance in addressing these issues. JBS could have been the organizational hero as the American Legion, VFW and VA systems have not been timely in recognizing the mortality attributed to the so-called GW Syndrome.

The American Gulf War Veterans Association has provided free information, videos and government documentation to support our accusations that our troops were placed in harms way and not protected, brought home and not treated for the disease (No GW vet to this date has been treated for anything other than symptomatically, i.e. Motrin, Prozac, Halcion, Tagament, etc). Our military has been given stress-related, psychiatric disorders, placed on antidepressants, allowed to get worse and transfer the disease. This information has been supplied to JBS on numerous occasions.

As a result of the lack of action from organizations such as American Legion, VFW and John Birch Society, some GW Veterans have now filed a complaint with the United Nations. I personally do not support this action as I do not want to see the U.N.'s position strengthened as a sovereign, foreign power. However, this was done without my knowledge. The World Court has now been petitioned to hear the case of the betrayal of the American Soldier.

I write to you to ask you to reconsider your support of the American military and actively investigate not my research but research independent of me to determine if our troops are really sick and have really died. If I have been wrong, please feel free to print it. If I am right, immediately come to the forefront, if it is not too late and commit your resources to America's military. Let's hope they have not been abandoned by everyone. Please note the enclosed letter which we placed in the Washington Times. This soldier says it far better than anyone.

If you choose not to address this issue, please be kind enough to speak with me personally as to your decision. Regardless, of your decision, I will continue to tell the truth and fight for those who were willing to die on foreign soil and who must now suffer alone.

For God and Country,
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Joyce Riley, R.N. BSN
Capt. USAF (inactive reserve)

c.c. Suzanne Hanrahan


Reply From Mr. John McManus

7.gif (4357 bytes) Post Office Box 8040, AppIeton, WI 54913
(414) 749-3780
February 19, 1997

Ms. Joyce Riley
American Gulf War Veterans Association
P.O. Box 85,
Versailles, Mo. 65084

Dear Ms. Riley:

Whenever either our Society or its affiliated magazine, The New American, is approached with a request to incorporate a particular cause into our agenda, even to give it space, our procedure calls for a thorough examination of the issue.

In your February 11, 1997 letter to me, you make the claim that the material you have circulated via speeches is "accurate." As you will note from the lengthy report compiled by Robert W. Lee, who is one of our top writers and researchers, your claim does not stand up to careful scrutiny.

We further find insupportable and insulting your inferences that (1) JBS does not support the military, and (2) our unwillingness to accept your leadership on the issue of Gulf War Syndrome has led some veterans to file an action with the United Nations. We do support the military and we are not responsible for the actions of those who have appealed to the UN.

Neither JBS officers nor the magazine's officials know the source of Gulf War Syndrome. Nor do we have any reliable evidence showing that any government agency has suppressed information that might lead to discovering the source.

Over many years, our organization and The New American have acquired hard-earned reputations for accuracy and competency that we have no intention of diluting by lending our good name to sloppy research, conflicting claims, and unfounded charges. When and if we learn conclusively that the illnesses of so many veterans have either been induced by or covered up by our nation's officials, we shall publish it.

We urge you to study Mr. Lee's report very carefully. You do not support the cause of Gulf War Veterans or the nation's military with your unsubstantiated claims and rash accusations.

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             John F. McManus
             The New American

cc: Mrs. Suzanne Hanrahan

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