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Field Manual Detailing Military Police Actions

anon writes "
To Every American I Can Reach:
PLEASE take the time to go to the link below and download the Army Field Manual 3-19.40 as soon as possible -- before it is made unavailable!

Note that this manual was published just about 6 weeks before the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks made it possible for the administration to ram through laws which drastically attack civil rights in this country. Whether the timing is coincidental or part of a plan is genuinely immaterial -- facts are facts and are ignored ONLY at our peril.
I implore you to download this Field Manual, read and digest it, then consider its implications to YOUR future freedom. Our enemies are deadly serious and, if we have any hope of remaining a free people, we had DAMN WELL get just as serious about protecting our freedoms as they are about taking them away.

MILITARY POLICE INTERNMENT/RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS (Official U.S. Military policy regarding concentration camps) (This link has now been taken off their site)

You may find the information at:


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