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The Fall of Integrity

    The twentieth century has seen the development of the most devastating weapons technology known to mankind. From the first use of chemical weapons in World War I to the detonation of the first atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From the cluster and napalm bombs of Viet Nam, to computer guided missiles and depleted uranium rounds utilized in the Gulf War. As each of these technologies made their debut, there were always voices of protest based upon humanitarian issues and individual rights, but never in our history has such a large number of people raised their voices against the development and use of biological weapons and the vaccines designed to counter their use.

    In the past, those unfortunate enough to have been exposed to some of these technologies were ignored by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Pentagon, and denied treatment by the Veterans Administration (VA). The strategy being that the admission of the existence of such weapons would be "a threat to national security," and by stonewalling and denying over a long period of time, those afflicted would eventually die off, along with their voices of protest and despair. The "atomic veterans" of the 1950’s are only now being recognized for their afflictions caused by radiation exposures (Government 1, Veteran,0). The Viet Nam Veterans continue to fight for compensation due to the exposure to Dioxin in Agent Orange and despite overwhelming documentation and evidence, to date, not one of these Veterans has been treated for Agent Orange exposure (Government 2, Veteran, 0). Now, the battle rages between Gulf War vets and the US government over whether or not their symptoms are real or imagined. The blanket diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been and continues to be utilized by the government to both deny any real claim of physical illness and to negate the validity of any claims or accusations made by veterans (Government 3, Veteran, 0).

    To compound the issue, the specter of induced illnesses by either the release/use of biological weapons or tainted/contaminated vaccines has finally caught the attention of many of the otherwise complacent American people. Senate reports, Congressional hearings and medical records indicate that the US government and agencies like the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) have been involved in the research, development, manufacture, sale and use of weapons such as these in direct violation of the 1972 Geneva Convention Regulations, which makes it all the more necessary for the "powers that be" to deny any possibility of biological causation. In fact, the word "biological" is rarely used, while the debate of pesticides, pyridostigmine bromide pills (PB), DEET, flea collars, chemical exposures and the like is actually promoted. This serves to not only confuse and draw the attention away from the biological and communicable aspects of the diseases, but also acts as a vehicle to siphon millions of tax dollars into the hands of the military medical establishment and proprietary pharmaceutical companies that created the problem in the first place. This is a perfect example of a masterful execution of the Hegelian principal.

    Biological weapons development have been a part of the Department of Defense (DoD) program for decades and has proliferated unchecked by the general population due to the lack of truthful information being reported and ignorance or apathy. Not until the return of the troops from the Persian Gulf conflict and the subsequent reporting of the "mysterious illnesses" being suffered by many troops and their families, did many Americans begin to consider the ramifications of the use of these weapons. To further heighten public awareness, the widely publicized "anthrax mutiny" now occurring within our Armed Forces has raised the question of the safety and efficacy of vaccines being administered to military and civilian populations.

    After checking the track record of the US government as to the use of its people as unwitting guinea pigs in countless experiments in past decades, and the resulting advancement of bio-technologies and pharmaceuticals, the terrifying prospect of manipulation becomes more apparent. A few examples to support this contention:

    Those that raise questions about the motives and true agenda of these powerful entities are immediately labeled as "conspiracy theorists," ignoring the fact that theories are not backed up by evidence and documentation. Nonetheless, the following questions must be considered.

1. For decades, countless research organizations have solicited billions if not trillions of dollars to find cures for diseases, but only find "treatments". Why?

  1. They can’t find a cure.
  2. There is no cure.
  3. They don’t want to find a cure because too much profit would be lost in research, conventional treatments and pharmaceutical sales.

2. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for years sought greater and greater control over the foods, drugs, minerals and treatments available in the United States. Many promising protocols that involve "alternative therapies" and "natural vitamins and minerals" have been suppressed or condemned by the FDA and some of those researchers and practitioners jailed despite results that far surpass conventional treatments. Why?

  1. They can’t find a cure.
  2. There is no cure.
  3. They don’t want to find a cure because too much profit would be lost in research, conventional treatments and pharmaceutical sales.

3. The Gulf War Veterans, Viet Nam Veterans, Atomic Veterans, their wives and children have pleaded their cases for treatment and compensation for radiation poisonings, chemical exposures and biological contaminations to the DoD, Pentagon, VA, and for decades have been denied. Why?

  1. They can’t find a cure.
  2. There is no cure.
  3. They don’t want to find a cure because too much profit would be lost in research, conventional treatments and pharmaceutical sales.
  4. They refuse to find a cure because to do so would be an admission that the maladies suffered were created by them in the first place. Also, if discovered they would spend the rest of their lives in prison, if not hung for treason.
  5. All of the above.

4. Hospitals, medical supply companies, doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and all related services profit from sick people. How can they guarantee profit and job security?

  1. Guarantee there will be sick people.
  2. Guarantee there will be sick people.
  3. Guarantee there will be sick people.
  4. All of the above.

5. Why is the CDC called the "Center for Disease Control"? Why not "Center for Disease Elimination" or "Center for Disease Eradication"or "Center for Disease Prevention"? Is it being inferred that the CDC only wants to control diseases rather than destroy them?

The track record shows that the United States government and related agencies are not only capable of, but have consistently;

    Is it therefore not logical to assume that it is possible if not probable, that the "powers that be" are capable of releasing debilitating if not deadly diseases, via flu-shots, vaccines, aerosolized sprayings from airplanes or into our food and water supply? Could this be for the expressed purpose of offering a treatment for a price? Or could this be part of a greater scheme to control the masses? The answers to these questions will effect every man, woman and child for countless generations and demand our immediate attention.

    Some may dismiss these speculations as those of a ranting paranoid. The term "paranoid" is defined as "unfounded fear". After studying the available documentation and evidence, one would have to agree that these fears are very well founded, and are to be expected given the actions taken by the US government, related agencies and their history. Facts are being presented and very serious questions are simply being raised. If the reader is angered at what he or she has just read, than ask yourself are you angered at the questions or at the one raising the questions? If your answer is yes to either, than we all need to re-examine ourselves as Americans and figure out when and why we decided it was wrong to question authority. Our heritage as Americans gives us not only the right to do so, but charges us with the duty and responsibility to do so.

    We have spent too many years blindly trusting our "public servants" to watch out for our best interests. If your "servant" betrayed you, wouldn’t he be dismissed? If your "servant" stole from you, wouldn’t he be arrested and subsequently jailed? What if your "servant" deliberately exposed you to deadly radiation, chemicals, biologicals and infected you and your family with diseases...all purchased with money extorted from your paycheck? What punishment would fit such a crime?

    Many of us Americans have allowed ourselves to fall into a self-induced stupor perpetuated by TV, videos, pop music, pro sports and the like. We have been convinced by the government and the mainstream media that anyone who dares ask questions like these are dangerous right-wing extremists and need to be dealt with as "terrorists". These issues transcend the debate of right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal, or Republican vs. Democrat. By allowing an issue to be labeled to a group, and then by pitting one group against another, the issue is never resolved because we end up fighting amongst ourselves and are thereby played as fools. It is for this very reason that "they" have gotten away with these atrocities for all this time.

    We must all individually consider the information presented here and then free ourselves from the bondage of ignorance imposed by the "powers that be" and the mainstream media. The final step in re-establishing our personal freedom is resolving that we must actually DO SOMETHING before anything changes!

    Where is your line in the sand?

Joyce Riley vonKleist RN,BSN, and Dave vonKleist
American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA)
P.O. Box 85, Versailles, MO 65084
(800) 231-7631,

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