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Dear Joyce Riley:

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful note as well as your support in the past. As you may know I am working with money voted by Congress and pioneered by Congressman Bob Livingston, Chairman of Appropriations in the House. As you know, I have pushed my bacterial findings since 1992 (you need a contagion to transmit to you spouse), and I have advised Nicholson as to which antibiotics are more useful since he got started. He is a good man.

We are running a classic double-blind, placebo-controlled study of my original thesis, a bacterial disease probably due to the geographic distribution of strains of bacteria (but it could be true germ warfare). The results are based upon the comparison of the pre virus the post-treatment evaluation by experts in evaluation at the State U. of New York. They do not know which 50% of those they re-evaluate have had real treatment and which have had a look-alike fake treatment. The code will be broken in about 4 months. All of those who served as "controls"and thus received a fake treatment, will be invited back for the real treatment. I believe that we are getting good results, but I am biased. The true answer will come out when the statistician puts the data together.

Meanwhile, I have not forgotten the help and encouragement from you, Wendy Wendler, Vic Silvester, etc. Nor can I forget the negative help form the Pentagon, the Lederberg Committee, the V.A., the "President's Commission", and Ross Perot's boys. I am pleased by your offer of help, and I am not bashful. Should there arise any instance in which I believe you would be able to help, you will certainly hear from me

I am saving specimens of bacteria which I isolated from sick Veterans in the hope that should we succeed we will then have the germs for analysis of nucleic acids. Should they contain abnormal DNA, then we would have very strong evidence of germ warfare. Again, should we succeed, perhaps I would be able to get funds for that, and perhaps the Nicholsons would do some analyses for the effort. You know that such is their field.

Again, thank you for your support, and keep in touch.

Ed Hyman


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