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Dear Gulf War Veterans and Veteran Advocates,

We are needing an unprecedented turnout of Gulf War Veterans in D.C. in September.  Not only has the interest in Gulf War exposures by the VA declined over the years, but the VA Secretary, Peake, has recently issued denial for service-connection as a result of sarin exposures.  Please read the full report here:;f=7;t=000064;p=1   This is a slap in the face of all those who wore the uniform during the Gulf War and all veterans whom have been exposed to toxins in every era. Secty Peake also denied arranging meetings for the Gulf War Advisory Committee and the Gulf War Research Advisory Committee to be scheduled back-to-back so that more GW Veterans could attend both meetings.  It is apparent that the needs and concerns of sick Gulf War Veterans are not important to Secty Peake. 

As you may know, we have been working on organizing travel and housing plans for the upcoming Gulf War Veteran Advisory Meeting in September.  DSNurse has been working feverishly on getting the word out and finding financial support for those who want to go.  She has received favorable responses to her requests, however, she needs the help of EVERYONE to become involved in keeping our Gulf War issues alive in D.C.  If you are able to attend, or able to contribute to the effort, please sign up on the travel page here:     

We need your testimonies, complaints and comments to present in D.C. and to be sent to your elected officials.  Please take a few minutes to write up your opinions and experiences (keep them civil and respectable!) with your Gulf War conditions and submit them to your elected officials, Secty Peake, and also to this IGWC to be presented on our web pages and also to be presented in D.C.

  Tips on communicating with elected officials:

Now Fax your letter to Secretary Peake and copy to your Senators and US Reps by email

Go here to find US REPS   to email them

For Senators  

Email copy of your letter to VA SEC Peake to your US REP AND US SENATOR and ask them to also write VA Sec Peake

Secretary Peake FAX Number 202-273-4876


Dear Honorable  Veterans Affairs Secretary Peake,

++++I am writing you regarding the new Gulf War Veteran Advisory Committee…

***Add another paragraph one or two sentences.......of your wording..............

Sincerely,   Respectfully,

Your name

cc:  US REP
US Senator

Then hard copy by snail mail

Secretary Peake

810 Vermont Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20420

The Honorable James B. Peake - Secretary of Veterans Affairs

**Message from DSNurse: (Denise - )

Calling ALL GULF WAR VETS with issues at VA or your claims..........Sept 24-25 VA's New Gulf War Veterans Advisory Committee meets in DC and we need YOU!  Face to Face making comments to this committee!

I am doing all I can to get this organized.....I need you to fill out the form located at:  So we can know how many are going to try to do all they can to come.

I am working on donations to help on hotel or gas  expense.  I need you all to sign up on the form if you are interested so we can move ahead with getting block of rooms.

I got a call and have been offered a donation to get us started.  I will use that for covering rooms to start with.  I will get more support if I can show them how many want to come.

I need maybe 30 vets!  I have contact with 9 now many of those have not signed up!

This is the first time we are trying to help individuals organize and get there....Before we kept you all informed on meetings but this time we need your hot, tired and frustrated bodies in person!

The meeting in DC is the second meeting and your insight, your story and your suggestions for improvement are desperately needed to set this committee on course!

Please sign up if you are wanting to do this, we desperately desperately need you the individual gulf war veterans to come and that is why I am trying also to help to raise funds also to help you.

Then I need you to make yourself known to VFW, DAV, VVA, Legion ask for their help.

I will need you to let me know which post you contact and if they are willing to help. If you get turned down maybe I can help.....but I will need contact info to do this. Since they each have a person sitting on this committee and it is being covered in their magazines they should offer some assistance..........

With assistance local and at other national levels we hope to help you but you have to make effort too.   

Please pass this email to widest extent possible to gulf war veterans....service officers----organizations etc......

I am doing this and Gail offered BB space to help individual gulf war vets get organized.

This is to help each gulf war veteran  and organizations can and or welcomed and encouraged to pull together too!  WE started this as soon as I got back in June so all would have adequate time to get involved.  If you are going to fly get your tickets early that will save money.

We will try to group people together if you want to drive and share expense.  Also alternatives  bus and train should be checked for cheaper ways. 

WE will do all we can to help!