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The Missing GulfLink Files

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On July 19, 1995 The Department of Defense posted numerous files in its GulfLINK Website. On November 3, 1995 Paul F. Wallner, Staff Director, Senior Level Oversight Panel, Persian Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, wrote a memo ordering the flagging of "potential sensitive reports or documents on GulfLINK.... to begin preparation of a response on particular 'bombshell' reports."

On February 8, 1996, DoD removed 308 files claiming that the files must undergo rigorous review for classified information despite their earlier electronic publication. Under pressure from veterans groups and the raised visibility of front page coverage in the New York Times, DoD returned 88 of these files to the website on August 30, 1996. The rest of the missing GulfLINK files remain hidden behind vague claims of national security.

To view these files just click on the links below, the files will open in a New Window. When you finish just simply close the window and you will be returned to this page. Those files returned to the DoD GulfLINK website are marked with an asterisk.

Download All Files in One Zip File Here (468K)


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