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National Depleted Uranium Conference

When: Saturday, May 19, 2007
Where: East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee

It's happening! Saturday, May 19, a major conference on depleted uranium is scheduled for East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee. There is no registration cost, so you can afford to travel and bring your friends. Military personnel, especially those who have been in Iraq and Afghanistan, are mos! t welcome to help us strategize next steps. There is a Camp DU tenting option for those who choose just across the road from Aerojet Ordnance, one of the primary manufacturers of DU penetrator cores for the 120 mm Abrams tank shells. Saturday parking for the conference is free on campus and there are various eating places near Room 102 in Rogers Stout Hall, where we will be meeting, next to the Sherrod Library.

Major Doug Rokke, PhD, has been the Pentagon expert on depleted uranium. Cathy Garger writes eloquently on the issues of depleted uranium munitions. Mohammad Daud Miraki, PhD, is an articulate speaker and author of Afghanistan After Democracy. These three lead off the day at 9:00AM, EST, and will be followed by break out groups that grapple with next steps in this nonviolent campaign to stop the production ofdepleted uranium weapons.

It is past time to expose the horrors of DU to the US public and put together a plan to stop its use. Come join us in this major step. Alert and invite media to cover this event. Christian Peacemaker Teams is sponsoring a DU Delegation that runs from May 18 - 27. This conference is an integral part of this international delegation. To join the delegation, go to and check links to delegations and registrations.

Questions? Contact either Linda Modica at or 423-676-2925, or Cliff Kindy at the above email or 260-982-2971.

Blessings of peace to your days!

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger