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Massive List of Help Links for Veterans Lots of helpful links for Veterans
Asbestos Exposure and Gulf War Veterans Mesothelioma Cancer Center offers free assistance to all veterans applying for benefits.  (September 30, 2008)
Military Creates Mental Health Hotline The toll-free number for the Telephone Self-Assessment will be (877) 877-3647.  (Jan. 29, 2007)
VA Compensation Tables Tables showing the current VA compensation rates for veterans with a disability rating 10 percent or higher.
Veteran Internet Resources Help on the Internet
Lost Medical Records? Help with lost records - Viet Nam Vets and Gulf Vets.
Government Agencies Where to get help- VA, DoD,
Veterans Groups Veteran Support Groups
Midwest Gulf War Veterans Association Look for your local office
Western Gulf War Veterans Association Look for your local office
SS Law
Specializing in Social Security Benefits
For Information please contact by email.
Darla J. Lilley
Attorney in Kansas and licensed with the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. For information please contact our office
Phone 785-979-7044


Gulf War Baby Registry Information Contact 1-800-313-2232


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